Gold Medals and Greatness

If anyone knows me, they know that I love the Olympics.  I cry as I watch people break world records and do things they thought were impossible.  I am fascinated by people’s greatness.  In part because I know that we are all born capable of greatness.  Although we all have the ability to be great, only a select few allow themselves to shine above the rest.  This had me wondering why…

If we all have the ability to be great, why are we not all great?

When I was a kid, if I fell down trying something, I was even more compelled to get up and try harder.  It is this persistence and determination that leads to greatness.  It’s a belief in “I can do this and I will do this.”  As kids, we seem to embrace the belief system that anything is possible.  However, as we get older, doubt and fear start to set in (“maybe I can’t do this”).  Once we fear that we aren’t good enough, that is what we start to focus our attention on.  So instead of putting our energy into “I can,” we put our energy into “what if I can’t.”  That certainly doesn’t lead to greatness.  As kids, we don’t care if we make mistakes, it is all part of the journey.  As adults, we often interpret the mistakes as something is wrong and something is wrong with us.  Part of being great is knowing you are already great.  Having the confidence & faith that you are great leads to even more greatness.

Another reason people sometimes shy away from greatness is because they do not want to make others feel less than.  However, greatness does not make people feel badly.  It is quite the opposite actually.  If you have noticed in the Olympics, when one person does something great, it compels other people to do great things.  Once somebody beats the world record, others start beating it as well.  This is because Greatness inspires Greatness.  I see it like this… if we don’t show up in greatness, we are robbing the world from everyone else showing up in greatness.

So instead of just going through the motions of your life, show up in greatness and see what is possible when you do.  See what you inspire through your greatness!