A$$holes Deserve Abundance Too

Isn’t it funny how we believe that we can judge who deserves abundance and good and who doesn’t?  I recently realized how often I do this.  I have noticed that I am only happy when good things happen to “good” people.  When good things happen to people I have judged as “bad,” then I feel as though the universe has served up some great injustice.  So clearly I have a belief system that says that money, success, love and abundance is something we need to earn or be rewarded with.  Is that true?  I don’t know but it is certainly what I have believed up until now.  Why is it that we have to earn and do something to deserve good in our lives?  Who made up that rule?  Is that the belief system you live with?

Over the years I have heard and read numerous times that abundance and good fortune is our birthright.  I have affirmed it with sticky notes all over my bathroom mirror and said it to myself every day.  But if I continue to believe that some people don’t deserve goodness then I am right back to square one.  What I have noticed is that it is my ego that has created this convoluted belief system.  By being upset by someone’s good fortune, my ego allows me to yet again, be the victim.  ”I am such a good person and nothing good happens to me.  Look at so and so, they are bad and yet all good things happen to them.  Life is unfair.  Poor me.  Boo Hoo.”  The ego loves that.  It is a way of staying separate from others and in a place of feeling not good enough.  Furthermore, it keeps us in a script that sees abundance versus scarcity and that you need to do something to be in abundance.

So now what?  All we can do is notice.  Notice when we have judged someone’s goodness as not worthy and then make a choice to stay with that belief system or create something new.  We will of course take a few steps forward and a few steps back.  It is all part of the journey.

On a final note, the other day I was talking with a friend discussing this whole notion and what realizations I had come to.  Before she could say anything, I blurted out… “A$$holes Deserve Abundance too.”  We both started laughing and joked about how that would make an awesome bumper sticker.  See what happens when you embrace this new belief system about abundance…