Breakdown to Breakthrough

Have you ever gone through a really challenging time in your life only to emerge stronger, clearer, and with a whole new sense of yourself?  Well, that is what Breakdown to Breakthrough means.  We often feel like we hit rock bottom when we are in the midst of major transformation.  This breakdown is a letting go of the old way of being so that something new can emerge.

This Breakdown to Breakthrough has happened several times throughout my life. Sometimes the breakdowns have been pretty significant and other times, they have been more subtle.  What I have realized is that, whatever I am experiencing, there is nothing wrong and nothing to fix.  Oftentimes, when we are in the midst of a breakdown, we want to change and fix it.  What we forget is that there is nothing to change and everything that is happening is unfolding in the exact manner it is meant to be.  Can we accept and surrender to the breakdown knowing full well that the breakthrough is right around the corner waiting for us?

For me my breakdowns have often been in the form of physical ailments.  I have had infections, fevers, flus, back and neck pain, the list can go on and on.  I am a strong believer that there is no separation between the mind and the body.  So when my body starts breaking down, I know something is shifting in my whole being.  Over the past few weeks that is exactly what has been happening to me.  I have had severe back and hip pain and it all culminated with a random 100 degree fever the other night.  What is fascinating is that, once the fever broke, I got a lot of clarity on what has been going on.  I started to become aware of the fact that I often get sick so that I will be taken care of.  As a child, I created the interpretation that I needed to be sick or injured to be taken care of.  I felt that I was not worthy of being taken care of unless something was wrong with me.  So throughout my life, my body has broken down when I have needed compassion and love.  Of course, this belief was reinforced even more when my family and friends showed more care and love during these times.  OMG!  This was a huge breakthrough.  I do not need to be sick to be loved!  The irony of it all is that I needed to be physically sick for me to have this breakthrough!

Once the breakthrough occurs, you then have the choice of continuing with the old way of being or choosing a different way.  For example, when I start to get sick or feel pain, instead of complaining, I can choose connection with others.  My recent breakdown led to a breakthrough in my way of being.  I am no longer the sick, injured one but instead I am the strong, healthy woman who asks for what it is she wants.

How can you let your next breakdown be the start of a breakthrough?  All you need to do is accept and surrender to what is happening.  Be honest and open with your thoughts and feelings.  Before you know it, the breakdown will turn into a breakthrough and a new, more vibrant you will emerge!