You Are Already More Than Enough

You are already more than enough.  You don’t have to prove yourself to anyone or even to yourself. Just your being is enough.

Do you believe these statements?  I think the majority of us feel as though we are not good enough and we need to do something amazing to prove to the world and to ourselves that we are okay.

I see this all the time in the yoga studio.  Students won’t take the modification of a pose or rest in child’s pose because they are trying to prove something to themselves or to those around them.  Where does workaholism come from?  From the ego that’s where.  From a place of not good enough.  If I work hard enough, then I will be okay.  If I rest, I am a lazy bum.

On some level I think that the feeling of not being enough is pretty universal.  I definitely experience this.  This is part of the reason I love telling people that I have a doctorate and I ran a marathon.  Both of those things only 1% of the general population are able to do.  If I can do what only 1% of the population can do, then I must be pretty special.  I came to this realization this week that this feeling of not being enough still has an impact on me even though I have been aware of it for awhile.  It seems that once you become aware of your ego (feelings of not good enough) they usually take on another form until we wake up to what is happening.  For example, my not good enough has often manifested as me trying to be better than other people.  However, the more aware I have become to this pattern, the less it impacts me.  But this week I realized that my ego is currently manifesting itself in this need to heal the world.  Yup…I feel like I am responsible for people’s personal transformation.  It is basically my ego’s way of saying I am not okay if I am not helping you.

Once we awaken to our ego and become more aware, those patterns will have less of an impact on us.  However, the ego does not die.  It often chooses a different form.  People pleasing is one of the ego’s favorite forms.  Once you start to become aware, you have just embarked on a journey of self-discovery that has no end point and no destination.  Once you think you have a handle of your ego, it will transform into something else.  Keep waking up to your ego and you will see that the truth is you are already more than enough.