Surrender to the Wave

Okay so I have been living in Florida for almost 3 years now.  My husband and I live pretty close to the ocean so we get to go to the beach a lot.  This past weekend, when we were at the beach, the ocean was pretty turbulent.  There were a lot of warnings about riptides due to the high winds.  I usually don’t like to go into the ocean when it is so turbulent.  But my husband said he would hold my hand and I was hot so I ventured into the water.  I was only thigh deep and the waves were crashing into me.  I stood sideways towards the wave and grounded my feet deep into the ocean floor so I could withstand the wave.  When my husband saw what I was doing, he asked why was I hunkering down?  He told me to soften my body and surrender to the wave.  Surrender to the wave?  This seemed crazy but I tried it. The next wave hit my body and I immediately softened the muscles in my body; low and behold, my body just floated and moved with the wave.  It was ease instead of force.

As I walked back to the beach, I was shocked at how this lesson of surrender really landed in my body.  It also made me think about driving in the snow.  If you have ever driven in snow, you learn very quickly that when your car starts to skid on ice and snow, you go with it.  You do not try to resist or turn the car in the opposite direction as that only makes the situation worse.   How many times when faced with challenging and difficult situations, do we hunker down and resist what is happening?  We may create a wall so that we can block ourselves from everything.

The lesson this past weekend was of surrender.  When we just let go and surrender to what is, we will be carried by the winds of Grace.  So next time you find yourself resisting what is happening, try to soften your body, relax and surrender.  Something magical may unfold.

(I learned this lesson “Let Go, Let God” very well this past October.  If you want to read more about that, go to A Glimpse of Truth-October 2013.)