Live Your Life

As far back as I can remember, I have always been waiting for something.  Waiting to graduate college.  Waiting to get into graduate school.  Waiting to graduate from grad school.  Waiting to be done with teacher training.  Waiting to start teaching at a yoga studio.  Waiting to open a yoga studio. You get the point.  There is always some goal I am trying to attain and then life will be settled.  Right?

It hit me this weekend that I am never settled.  I always have a goal I am working towards. Now there is nothing inherently wrong with working towards a goal.  The problem arises when we lose sight of right now because we are so overly focused with the future.  This weekend I caught myself a few times thinking about how life will be settled once we have a few more teachers at the studio and we can take a vacation.  Then I thought “No it won’t.” Life will never be settled when I am in the midst of waiting for something to happen.  Life is happening right now.  It doesn’t stop until we reach a particular goal.  I have said it countless times, “it’s not about arriving at the destination, it’s about enjoying the journey.”

Life is the journey. We are all on a journey towards some desired goal, be it a better job, marriage, divorce, or even retirement.  The idea is to not get caught up on how life will be when we finally arrive at our destination.  Life is happening right now.  What are you going to do in this very moment?  Are you enjoying the journey?

The message was loud and clear to me and I want to share it with you.  Stop waiting for what you want your life to be and start living the life you have right now.  Nothing is guaranteed- not accomplishing your goals, not even waking up tomorrow morning.  So start living the life you want Right Now because that is all that exists anyway ;)