The Body Remembers

A year ago last night a car crashed through our yoga studio while I was practicing and my husband was teaching.  Everyone was okay and no one was fatally injured.  (“A Glimpse of Truth,” October 2013 post describes the incident.)  As I always say, everything unfolds in the exact manner it is meant to and there is nothing wrong.  I truly believe that about the accident.  I gained a new perspective on life and a deeper relationship with God.  Because of this, I felt as though I had healed emotionally from what happened.

So last night, my husband and I decided to take class at our studio.  Although the accident occurred on 10/25/13, last night’s 6pm class was the same class last year when it happened.  I mentioned it to my husband before we went into class that tonight was the “anniversary.”  The practice was awesome; it was a fun Friday night Happy Hour class.  I was doing all sorts of things and having breakthroughs on my mat.  Then at the end of the class, I was in classical headstand and I felt myself falling over.  It is one of my greatest fears- falling out of headstand, forearm balance, and handstand.  It is just such an out of control feeling.  Well, guess what?  I fell yesterday. I hardly ever fall out of that particular pose too.  As I was falling, I had a sense of everything that happened during last year’s accident as I was in the air.  When I fell, I tucked and rolled and I was fine.  But when I went to lay back on my mat, my body could not stop shaking.  I have had that feeling before and people have described it as your body releasing energy.  Aside from facing my fear and falling, I feel that what was being released was energy from the accident that was still lodged in my body’s tissues.

Have you ever been in a yoga pose and all of a sudden felt a strong emotion, like sadness, anger, agitation?  What happens is that energy gets stored in our bodies.  I like the phrase “issues in our tissues.”  I have been in hip openers, like pigeon and frog, and just started crying.  I felt sadness but I did not know why.  I just allowed it and felt lighter when I was done.  That is what I believed happened to me last night.  I feel as though I was able to release something my body was still holding onto energetically from last year.

If strong feelings start to come up on the mat, just let them be, stay in the pose, and just witness all of it.  Issues you think are resolved may still be holding on energetically.  Your body has a wisdom and yoga allows your body the space to heal itself physically, emotionally, and spiritually.