Flooding Fear

In psychotherapy, there is a technique called “Flooding” or “Exposure Therapy.” It is a therapy used to treat phobias specifically.The concept is that you expose the person to the feared object a lot and the person becomes immune to the fear because nothing bad happens to them. It is a huge step out of the comfort zone to engage in this technique because you are literally facing your fears.

I started thinking about all of this after reading an article about how one man made rejection a game. He had so much fear of rejection that he made himself get rejected everyday so that it had less of an impact on him. Here is the whole article:


A student of mine once gave me a mug that said, “Give Fear the Finger.” I thought it was great. But in thinking about fear and my relationship with fear, I think it is evolving from “give fear the finger” to “make friends with fear.” That is basically what this guy did. He made friends with his fear of rejection; he sought it out. So when he got rejected, he won. What flooding does is it allows you to be with the fear, notice it, but not let it dictate your actions. It can be an extremely freeing experience.

So what fears are you willing to make friends with? How can you expose yourself more to what you are afraid of? Perhaps it’s fear of success which means you must step even more into your Greatness. Whatever your fear is, be open to stepping out of your comfort zone and exposing yourself to your fears. Who knows what can happen when we stop avoiding fear and start making friends with it.


Just Take Action

I was journaling the other day in closing out 2014 and embarking on 2015. A question I came across asked, “What do I want my life to really be about?” I sat and thought about it for a minute and I immediately wrote down what came to mind:

“Connecting people to their Greatness, to help end the suffering created by ourselves and our thoughts, and to create a legacy so this continues beyond my lifetime”

In thinking about it, that is basically what my life is about because I created it that way. So much of the past 5 years have been about getting to where I am now: moving to Florida, getting married, opening a yoga studio at the beach, and creating a vibrant yoga community in the Power Yoga Tribe. I believe so much in creating the life you want to live as opposed to letting life happen. The reason I am where I am now is because I moved into action and made it happen. I am now committing to living this on a much grander scale!

Dreams are great but dreams remain in the dream world when we stay in our heads. Action is the key in terms of making changes.  One of the best ways to move yourself into action is to have an Action Plan. Envision what you want your life to be like in 3-5 years. Be specific in writing down how you see your life. Then write down what you want to accomplish and by when. To further move you into action on one or more of your goals, write down what you are going to do within the next 30 days towards this goal, then what you are going to do in the next week towards this goal, and then within the next 24 hours towards this goal. This is the accountability factor. You are now writing it down and committing to doing something towards this goal.

Setting an intention (i.e., what you want your life to really be about) is a great way to start everyday. Be clear about what it is you want to create and do something every day towards that goal. The only thing that is going to get in the way of you getting what you want is You and Fear. When fear and resistance show up, notice them and keep on moving into action.  You will look back and be amazed at what you can create when you Just Take Action.