Take Aways from the 1st Yoga Shrink Retreat

Last weekend I led the first Yoga Shrink Retreat in Jupiter, Florida, where I currently live. It was a life-changing weekend. It is amazing because, as the facilitator, I grow and transform just as much as the participants do. If you are open and willing, you will grow and transform especially when you are surrounded by a supportive community. The concept of the retreat was “Create the Life You Want to Live.” So we let go of what didn’t serve us, envisioned what we wanted, and set forth into action to create our lives.

For me I had so many take-aways from the weekend. On a personal and business level, I realized that running personal development retreats is definitely my Zone of Genius and something I plan to do a lot more of. I show up as my biggest, best self when I am doing this work. I realized that I am my greatest when I can be 100% authentic, hiding absolutely nothing. Authenticity and vulnerability create connection and through connection we realize that we are really all the same. I have heard it said, “Connection is the cure.” We definitely experienced that this weekend.

Another take-away was that when I shine, I give everyone else permission to shine. The Course in Miracles says, “The sun never apologizes for how brightly it shines.” When we are great, we allow others to be great. I often say that we have no idea how inspiring we are. We see it time and time again when someone breaks through a world record, then everyone starts to break the record. We give each other permission to be our Greatest selves. We experienced this on and off the mat this past weekend. Everyone was inspired and inspiring.

Laughter is the best medicine. I find this to be so true. Even in the midst of deep transformative work we can have fun and be light. We can be silly and not take ourselves so seriously, even our crazy thoughts. Embracing joy and laughter feeds our soul. I never laughed so hard and so much as I did this past weekend.

The biggest take-away is that I, the Yoga Shrink, am in the process of planning a 3-day Women’s Retreat in Bozeman, Montana with Dr. Tanda Cook, a naturopathic doctor, at the beginning of September 2015. Stay Tuned for more details.