The Magic Never Ends

When I first started practicing yoga consistently, I was practicing Baptiste Power Vinyasa. I remember my first all-day immersion with Baron Baptiste in Washington, D.C. He signed my Journey Into Power Book with “The Magic Never Ends.” I thought it was so awesome but I had no idea what that quote truly meant until recently.

The yogic path is an incredible one. I say all the time that we are a crazy bunch of yogis because we are basically on a journey where we will never arrive at a destination. A friend added, “and the more we are on the journey, the further the destination gets.” It is so true. The longer we practice yoga, the more we realize there is no destination or end point. Despite no end point, we never stop growing and evolving. I think, in part, the reason yoga is so magical is that the growth is continual and there is always somewhere new to explore.

I have been consistently practicing yoga for over 12 years yet I still feel as though I keep getting stronger physically. My awareness and connection to my physical body has deepened. I also continue to build muscle based on my practice. Since starting to practice more inversions, I have increased strength in my back muscles and my core. It is so incredible that even after 12 years I continue to build physical strength, flexibility, and power in my body. On the emotional and mental realms, I also continue to grow and evolve. Yoga has led me to start a daily meditation practice. The combination of daily yoga and meditation has allow me to live more mindfully and in the present moment. I continue to learn to be the witness observer of my thoughts so they impact me less. I am amazed at how less emotionally reactive I am due to this daily work.

Most importantly, I would say that yoga has led me to a life of connection and service. I have met some of the most amazing people through yoga. I have felt more community and connection in my life since making yoga a way of life. At times, I feel so much gratitude, joy, and love that I am moved to tears. Recently, showing up in service of others has been huge for me. Being a stand for others and inspiring others to live in their Greatness has become paramount to my life. I believe that all of this is part of the yogic journey.

I love the quote, “the Magic Never Ends” because it doesn’t. If you are committed to this path, the treasures you uncover about yourself are endless. Enjoy the journey and all magical things that come your way. Namaste.