Dropping Back Into Service & Trust

Last weekend I was leading a Certified Teacher’s Assistant training for Wild Abundant Life, LLC, in Rhode Island. It was amazing. I always find so much inspiration from leading trainings and programs. As I was teaching and explaining how to assist someone who is ready to drop back into wheel from standing up, I just did it! It was the wildest thing. I have been able to do it at the wall but never on my own, without a spot. I was stunned that I had such a breakthrough.

As I was thinking about it the next morning, I came to an “Ah Ha” about the drop-back. When I was doing it, I was demonstrating something to students. I was in a place of service. It wasn’t about me or my ego. Because it was about them, I was not thinking about myself, especially not, “I am going to fall” or “Who am I, to be trying this.” I was just in service, in the present moment, and thus, in my Higher Being where anything and everything is possible.

The other thing this “drop-back breakthrough” brought up was trusting myself. I have a very strong wheel. I can often stand up from wheel, lift my arms in wheel, and stay there for a long time. I also have the core strength and back flexibility to drop back from camel. So doing a drop-back to wheel was more of a mental breakthrough than a physical one. As I dropped back and put my hands down to catch myself, I realized that the reason I hadn’t been able to do it before was because I did not trust myself to catch myself. My drop-back was a breakthrough in trust that I could take care of myself and a realization of how powerful I really am.

I keep seeing and hearing the message, “You already have everything you need within you. Stop looking outside yourself, it is all within you right now.” I truly believe that. What an amazing experience to realize that I stand in my Greatness when I show up in service of others. I feel blessed to experience such breakthroughs on and off my mat. That is why this journey will never get old for me. Namaste.