Women’s Empowerment Retreat with the Yoga Shrink (9/12- 9/16/15)

I am so excited about my upcoming Women’s Empowerment Retreat in Bozeman, Montana with Dr. Tanda Cook this September. I was thinking about the many reasons why I love leading transformational/personal development retreats. I am so grateful that I get to explore the world and share new experiences with like-minded people. I love the sense of connectedness and community I experience when I lead these programs. People show up so open and willing and the friendships that are formed are unlike anything I have ever experienced or witnessed. So the reason I facilitate these retreats is because I am committed to guiding people to step into their natural Greatness. I have seen it time and time again during programs like, PYT’s 30 Day Digital Yoga Challenge, 40 Days to Personal Revolution, our 200 Hr. Teacher Training Program as well as Yoga Shrink Retreats. Participants are able to let go of their self-limiting beliefs and step into their natural state of Perfection. The best part of it is that I never laugh more than I do when I lead one of these programs. Learning to laugh at ourselves and our crazy thoughts is so beneficial. Why take yourself, life, or anything for that matter so seriously?

If you are looking to spend some time exploring your Greatness with a group of powerful women on a ranch in Bozeman, Montana where you will eat fresh, local, organic food, engage in daily yoga and meditation as well as have time to connect with yourself, nature, and some amazing women, then sign up now and join us.

As a former retreat participant stated, “Christen’s retreats are the best! What’s better than a mix of learning about yourself and laughing uncontrollably” (Kate L.- has been to 2 retreats with Christen).

For more details on the Women’s Empowerment Retreat in Bozeman, Montana (9/12- 9/16/15), go to: www.poweryogatribe.com/retreats/