Clouds Do Not Put Out the Sun…But I Do!

In the “Course In Miracles,” there is a saying, “the clouds do not put out the sun.” It basically means that the sun is always there but sometimes we just can’t see it. Today I heard Deepak Chopra say that grace is always there but we don’t always see it. It is so true. For the longest time, I believed I lived in scarcity. However, when I started to do some work on abundance, I was able to see abundance all around me- the leaves on the trees, the lizards sunning themselves, the sand and seashells on the beach, etc. The list goes on and on. The more I focused on abundance, the more I kept seeing it all around me and more abundance started to flow into my life. It is amazing how what you focus on, you give energy to, and you bring more of that into your life. Overall, I have been tapping into the natural flow of life, not trying to hard, living from my gut/intuition instead of my head. It has been wonderful to experience presence, peace and a lot more joy.

I realized the other day that I am living my best life. I am creating my life and doing what I love to do everyday. I am traveling to some pretty awesome places, including Montana and the Galapagos islands. My relationship with my husband is more authentic and loving than I ever thought possible. And you know what? It felt weird to realize all of this. My first thought was, “I don’t deserve all of this.” As I became more mindful of my thoughts, I started to see how many negative beliefs I had about myself and abundance, and how much more comfortable I was with those thoughts. Negativity and negative thoughts are just a habit. It is stepping out of my comfort zone to feel deserving of abundance.

Joyful living is available to us all of the time; it is really our natural state of being.  However, most of us do not believe this. It is a different experience for most of us to focus on what is working and how good life is. I realized that the only thing that blocks abundance in my life is me! So although the sun is always there, if I get in the way then, I am blocking the sun from entering my life. The sun can be anything from a new job opportunity, relationship, or a new way of being/ living.

Think about it…how often do you block the sun from entering your life? What are your beliefs about abundance and joyful living? Are those thoughts comfortable or uncomfortable? How do you get in your own way?¬†Once we are aware, then we can make choices on how we want to more forward.

Namaste :)