What the F#@* Just Happened?

Many of you are aware that I just led a retreat in Bozeman, MT with Tanda Cook, ND (Women’s Empowerment Retreat 9/12- 9/16/15). Words can not describe what I witnessed and was a part of over those 5 miraculous days. The phrase, “What the F#@* Just Happened” came out of that retreat and it is a testament to what is possible when you are open and willing.

I saw and participated in women giving up their negative beliefs about themselves, food, and their relationships with their significant others. I literally saw people physically transform by releasing stress from their bodies. There were so many take-aways from this amazing experience. One of the greatest awareness was that you become empowered when you empower others. Women in community are incredibly powerful. I witnessed so much vulnerability and openness in community. Transformation happened because the women in this group were willing to look at themselves in an authentic way because they felt loved, supported, and completely accepted by the other women. Because we are all mirrors of each other, everyone was transformed by each person’s growth. By leading people in this way, Tanda and I let go of a ton of self-limiting beliefs and created plans to go Big with our work.

In looking back on the experience, it reminded me of the book “The Red Tent.” It is a story about women’s relationships during biblical times (women’s circles). This retreat incorporated food, animals (horses, goats, chickens, turkeys), earth, yoga and meditation. By getting back to a place where you connected to the earth also allowed everyone to connect deeper with themselves and with each other. Furthermore, a community was formed in these 5 days; a community of authenticity, mindfulness & possibility.

It was clear that by the end of the retreat each one of us stepped into our Greatness in our own way by letting go of negative belief systems and standing in openness and possibility. Oftentimes, when we let go of something and stood in our awesomeness, someone would said “What the F#@* just Happened?” It reminds me of Possibility!

I am inspired that each of the participants allowed Tanda and I to lead them closer to their Greatness. I am blessed to be able to do this as my life’s work.

Looking forward to the next retreats in Bozeman, MT (Couple’s Retreat- 4/22- 4/27/16) & Empowered Women’s Retreat- 5/27- 6/1).

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Consider joining us…it is life-altering (and a ton of fun) :)


My Life of Passion, Possibility & Service

I feel so much clarity that I had to share this.

I know “why I am here,” if you will.

Today as I was meditating and praying, I felt an intense opening in my heart center and a ton of gratitude started to pour in. I felt so much gratitude and connection towards my family, friends, co-workers, acquaintances, and just about everyone and everything. In this state of gratitude, it became clear how very blessed I am.

I get to live in a passionate way every day. Teaching possibility and life in a way that can empower people to step into their Greatness is absolutely incredible. I have always set out to “help” people. What I now realize is that people have their own inner resources and I can guide them to accessing them more. I do it through teaching, leading programs and retreats, yoga counseling, and really just connecting with people on a daily basis. I have termed it “teaching yoga at the gas station.” It is my life’s work to take yoga off the mat and into people’s everyday lives.

I am here to live in passion & possibility and guide people to live in their passions & possibilities. I am alive when I am in service doing this. It is not always comfortable but that is living. If I want to guide people to face their fears and take action, then I have to do the same. It keeps me accountable. It is an incredible journey and I feel blessed to be able to do what I love everyday. I hope you are in creation of your best life!

So if you are looking for more of this in your life, connect with me on Facebook. There is always information at www.poweryogatribe.com.

This website is in the process of being updated. Stay tuned for Personal 1:1 Retreats with me in Florida as well as retreats in Bozeman, Montana & Nicaragua in 2016.

With Clarity comes Expansion!